Here's a contract Bridge lesson worksheet based on our Overcall Flashcards. Print out 2 copies of this page. Answer the questions for the last bid made. Now compare with partner! Need Help? Email Us

   E     S How many points? How many trumps? Is this Forcing?
1)1D    2C ____________________________ ______________
2)1D    1N ____________________________ ______________
3)1D    2N ____________________________ ______________
4)1D    3N _______8____________________ ______________
5)1D    Dbl ____________________________ ______________
6)1S    2H ____________________________ ______________
7)1S    3D ____________________________ ______________
8)1S    3N ____________________________ ______________
9)1S    2S ____________________________ ______________
10)1S    4C ____________________________ ______________

  Come back next week for another worksheet. Flashcards make great gifts and prizes. Spice up your next Bridge game a little. Everybody likes to win things.

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