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  Winn-Deal Convention  Says that you shouldn't bid a slam when vulnerable unless it's a sure thing. You risk not making it, not getting the rubber and winding up with nothing.

  Winn-Deal Plus  You shouldn't bid a slam vulnerable unless your side has the Ace and King of trump. It's ok to try for a slam and the rubber, but you don't want to be finessing for the King in your trump suit.

  Prime Values  Aces and Kings. When your hand contains all prime values it's worth a bit more than a similar hand with Kings and Queens. Slam can be more of a consideration when you have all primes.

  Balanced  A hand shape of 4-3-3-3 is perfectly balanced. A 6-1-3-2 hand is unbalanced. A balanced hand may be good for NoTrump, unbalanced hands are better for a suit contract.

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