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  Rule of 500  When you Overcall or Preempt, you guarantee partner you won't go down more than 2 tricks if vulnerable, or 3 tricks nonvulnerable. So if the opponents double you, your side won't give up more than 500 points. This is why you need a good suit to Overcall or Preempt.

  4th Suit Forcing  When you and partner bid all 4 suits there is usually an agreement that the bid of the 4th suit is Forcing; for one round or all the way to game. 4SF - 4th Suit Forcing, 4SGF - 4th Suit Game Forcing.

  Kick Bid  When you make a bid and then kick partner under the table to make sure they got the message. Usually frowned upon by the opponents.

  Picture Bidding  Bidding your suits in such a way that partner can tell your shape. They might for instance find out through the bidding that you are you are 5-3-4 and deduce you have a singleton Club. This might really help them decide on game or slam! Get the picture?

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