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Always Return Your Partner's Lead

    We were defending a very ordinary contract of 4H. My partner was a novice. Partner's opening lead was a Diamond, won on the board. Declarer proceeded to draw trumps and I won my King and led back a Diamond. This was won by Declarer and they took out our last trumps and switched to Spades.

    I won this trick too, and returned another Diamond. Partner finally was able to take this trick. So now we had won 3 tricks but I didn't see a chance for any more. The board had K Q x x of Clubs and partner didn't lead the Ace of Clubs for the quick set so Declarer had this card as well. Chalk up another easy make for our opponents.

    Instead partner led back their last Diamond. Declarer ruffed in hand, got to Dummy with a Spade and led the KC and Declarer discarded; they were void! Partner won their AC and we had set them. If partner had led their AC when they got in before with a Diamond, Declarer would have ruffed it and then the board's K Q of Clubs would have been good. I asked my novice partner why they didn't cash their winner when they had the chance. They replied, I was returning my partner's lead, like I've been told. I love beginners!



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