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Reverse Bidding Explained

  A Word About Reverses  
    N         S    
  1      2
is a normal rebid. Higher suit first then lower suit. Partner can return to your first suit at the 2 level.  
    N         S    
  1      2
is lower suit then higher suit. The Reverse of what's normal. Your first suit must be rebid at the 3 level.  


Reverses Explained

  Examples of Reverses  
    N         S   N         S   N         S   N         S  
  1      1 NT 1      1 1      2 1      2  
  2 2 2 3  
  Reverses are rebids where partner can't return to 2 of your first suit. They show 17+ HCP and longer first suit (5-4 shape).  

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Reverse Bids in Bridge Card Games