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Is 4NT Always Blackwood?

    Last Week's Results

    1) Do you play this as a NoTrump bid or Blackwood?

North     South
1NT       4NT         Most chose this as a NoTrump bid, the standard.

2) Do you consider this strong or weak?

North     South
1NT         3         Strong is standard and was chosen by 80%.

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  • When should you open 1NT with a 5 card major?
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  This Week's Questions

1) What is the most Diamonds you'll skip over to show 4 Hearts?

North     South
1         1         Three     Four     Five     Six

2) Is this strong or weak?

North     South
1         1NT         Strong     Weak     Other

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Is a 4NT Bid Blackwood or a Notrump Bid in Bridge