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This Week's Questions


Slam It  
Q    How many points do you need for slam?   Jim T.  AZ
A    7NT takes 37 points. No Ace for them! A small slam takes about 33 points. In a suit contract a small slam can make on even less if you have running tricks or can set up a crossruff.



Passing Too Early  
Q    When partner opens and I have a good hand, how do I keep partner from Passing before we find a trump fit and reach game?
A    You have to make "Forcing Bids" to keep the bidding alive. Generally a change of suit is forcing partner to bid again. There are also game force bids such as 1H - 2NT. Neither player can Pass until game is reached. Our "Suit Bids" Flashcards include Forcing Bids.



Are you asking me a Question?  
Q    What is the Gerber Convention?
A    Gerber is an Ace asking bid similar to Blackwood. Since 4C is almost 1 complete level lower than 4NT, you end up at a lower level when partner responds. This can help you avoid getting too high when you are short an Ace. Typically used only after a NT bid to avoid confusion on whether you are bidding Clubs or asking for Aces.


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Points Needed For Slam in Bridge Hands. Using the Gerber Convention.